Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The Re-facing Option

To replace or reface?? That's a question that comes to many homeowners minds. Weighing out the pros and cons of either option may help one determine if re-facing is the best way to go. A major reason is costs. Re-facing can easily cut the cost in half. Another reason may be simply upgrading your kitchen's look while keeping your already functional layout.
What ever the reason may be re-facing can simply enhance
 any design without all the complications of a full kitchen remodel!
GKB has done many simple re-facing jobs providing a more updated look! Below is one of the latest re-facing jobs that came together quite well. When doing a re-face, it's best to match or contrast the existing cabinets and finish. Because you'll save money, most people end up upgrading other main items in their kitchen such as their countertop/backsplash, appliances, and flooring as you'll see some
in GKB's latest re-facing job.


In this re-facing remodel, GKB used Holiday Kitchen cabinet doors and hinges. 


The countertop were replaced with Cambria's Blackwood with a stone and crackled glass mosaic mix backsplash. 

  Before....                                               After...

GKB was able to find an oak floor to match the existing and replace dated 12x12 tiles in the center of the kitchen, following with a refinish on the entire floor for a perfect blend.  

Before...                                                                        After...

The cabinet hardware used and chosen by clients along with our 
designers were in a brushed nickel finish by Hafele. 

Before...                                                                      After...


Let GKB help you decide if re-facing is the option for you! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Completed GKB Belmont Kitchen & Master Bath Remodel

Completed GKB 2 in 1 Remodel

For this remodel GKB's Design Team decided to remodel a kitchen and master bath simultaneously. Some may believe it to be overwhelming to do one remodel let alone two together. However, there are some advantages to doing remodels at the same time. Costs is a big factor when it comes to remodeling and sticking to a"budget". The option to do two remodels simultaneously surprisingly cuts the costs of having two separate fees for every aspect of a remodel. For instance, all the plumbing and electrical can be done at once during the same phase of both areas rather than doing one area's plumbing and electrical two separate times can get really costly. Another advantage is saving time to complete both remodels. Both projects can start and finish together. Can't imagine finishing one remodel than starting up a whole new one back to back or right after. Imagine all the time, money, trash/clean up, noise, etc that can all be condensed at once!

The Kitchen...

The Custom Stair Rail...

Open Concept...

The Master Bathroom...

The Barn Door...

This Kitchen and Master Bathroom remodel proves

2 in 1 remodels are the better way to go!  


Friday, March 22, 2013

More Space in a Bathroom Please!

Got Space? 

This small and out-dated Burlingame bathroom called for a more functional design. Gilmans Kitchens and Baths transformed this bathroom by creating a new layout with plenty of storage and a corner tub providing a more spacious and modern bathroom. Below you will see just how you can take the same footprint of a designated area and reorganize it's functions to create a completely different and useful space.





 The new DuraSupreme vanity & Caesarstone countertop with Top Knobs modern hardware is accented 
with a tile backsplash giving the space a new look and function.

A tall corner cabinet unit provides ample storage and allows the space to feel tall. A key factor for this particular bathroom was to utilize a Kohler corner tub. This not only maximizes the bathroom space it allows the flow of the bathroom to be open and not so compact. 

We continued the glass accent tiles from the sink's backsplash into the shower/tub area. Gilmans Kitchens & Baths completed the clean and modern look using a white design palette with neutral accent colors and chrome plumbing finishes. Overall the bathroom is much more spacious with an open feel that is certainly more functional.

Everyone can use more space...and every space can be more functional!

Thanks for viewing our blog. 
More to come...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated Fireplaces...

Gilmans Kitchens & Baths Design Build 

Before & During: Fireplaces


The traditional brick fireplace was updated with a natural slate and glass tile mix. 
The colorful glass accent tiles were hand placed by our designers with the client. 



                                                                   SAN MATEO                                                                  

The brick hearth was removed to allow for a flush installation of the new stone hearth.
Schluter metal lines the inside edge for a clean opening detail.
Custom Slate, Teakwood stone and Crackled glass tiles are laid in a brick pattern on the facade.



                                                                   FOSTER CITY                                         


The original stove and the brick floor that it sat upon were both removed, and electrical wiring was run for the wall mounted TV.
Once the brick was removed the tile could be made flush with the existing wood floor. 
A new custom wood mantel and legs were designed by our team and built by our carpenter. 
The client wanted a mantel deep enough to accommodate decorations and visually support the TV. 


Porcelain Hearth

Though we used the same slate tile as the San Mateo fireplace, different accent glass colors were used and changed the look completely.




This fireplace took up a large section of the living/dining room wall. The clients wanted to minimize the size of the fireplace to add space to the dining room side of the room. 
We explored what was structurally feasible and were able to reduce the size by a full brick width on either side.


Check back for finish photos of these fireplaces... and more!