Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The Re-facing Option

To replace or reface?? That's a question that comes to many homeowners minds. Weighing out the pros and cons of either option may help one determine if re-facing is the best way to go. A major reason is costs. Re-facing can easily cut the cost in half. Another reason may be simply upgrading your kitchen's look while keeping your already functional layout.
What ever the reason may be re-facing can simply enhance
 any design without all the complications of a full kitchen remodel!
GKB has done many simple re-facing jobs providing a more updated look! Below is one of the latest re-facing jobs that came together quite well. When doing a re-face, it's best to match or contrast the existing cabinets and finish. Because you'll save money, most people end up upgrading other main items in their kitchen such as their countertop/backsplash, appliances, and flooring as you'll see some
in GKB's latest re-facing job.


In this re-facing remodel, GKB used Holiday Kitchen cabinet doors and hinges. 


The countertop were replaced with Cambria's Blackwood with a stone and crackled glass mosaic mix backsplash. 

  Before....                                               After...

GKB was able to find an oak floor to match the existing and replace dated 12x12 tiles in the center of the kitchen, following with a refinish on the entire floor for a perfect blend.  

Before...                                                                        After...

The cabinet hardware used and chosen by clients along with our 
designers were in a brushed nickel finish by Hafele. 

Before...                                                                      After...


Let GKB help you decide if re-facing is the option for you! 

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